Invest in Backpack Tags to Make School Pick-Ups Safe and Organized

| April 19, 2017

Minimizing traffic jams isn’t the only reason schools have pick-up and drop-off policies. Kids are sometimes difficult to handle, and it’s often best to be coordinating with parents in advance about a student’s route to and from school.

Despite all this, pick-up and drop off can make parents nervous and frustrated, especially when a new semester begins.


Tags are a simple way to eliminate this frustration. Parent Pick-Up Tags issued to parents help your staff identify parents, speeding up the pick-up process.

Backpack Tags can simplify pick-ups even further, because they help teachers organize pick-up queues.

Our backpack tags are available in a variety of designs for car passengers, bus riders, walkers, and cyclists. We also offer custom templates wherein you can add details like mode of pickup, student’s name, grade, emergency contact number.

  1. Our tags are designed using bright colors, with separate colors for each pick-up mode—parent-pickup, bus, car, bike. We also have tags that identify kids who walk back home and those who stay late for after-school programs.
  2. Our tags are made of high-quality plastic, laminated for extra durability, and are about as thick as a credit card.
  3. Our backpack tags are designed to be hooked to students’ bags with a worm clip or lanyard.


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