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Employees Only Signs

Employees Only Signs help you keep control of your facility. Keep customers out of dangerous areas and prevent unauthorized people from compromising your security policies.
  • • Availble in different material, Engraved, ShowCase, TactileTouch or DiamondPlate, Choose which best suits your facility.
  • • Choose a Drop ceiling signs which are a snap to install and give your employees only message special prominence.
  • • Hover over any of the signs below to see a quick preview of the prices and materials.
  • • Have any questions? Feel free to contact our customer service team.
  • • For more information, visit our - Employees Only FAQs
Staff Only Signs
Staff Only Signs are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, Which will keep unauthorized people away from your premises.
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Employees Only - Notice Signs

Choose either an adhesive version of any of these designs or a rigid plastic or aluminum sign. These are some of our most popular designs. These signs are suitable for outside, too.
Zoom Price Buy
7"x10" to 24"x30"
7"x10" to 24"x30"
3.5"x5" to 18"x24"
12"x18" to 24"x36"
7"x10" to 12"x18"

Employees Only Signs – TactileTouch Braille


Employees Only Signs – Engraved

These low cost signs are available in a wide range of colors.
3"x9" to 4"x12"
3"x9" to 4"x12"
3"x9" to 4"x12"
3"x9" to 4"x12"

Employees Only Signs – Anodized Aluminum DiamondPlate

These are our most durable signs. Graphics are embedded within the pores of the aluminum and then sealed in to the aluminum during the anodizing process.
2"x6" to 3"x9"

Employees Only ShowCase Signs

These gorgeous signs are subsurface printed onto a polished 1/8” thick acrylic. These are great for any law office, clinic or school.

Employees Only Signs – Projecting and 3D

Mount these signs above a door, in the ceiling tiles or along a corridor. See from all directions.

Employee Signs - Other Materials


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between 2D and 3D Employees Only signs?


2D signs or two-dimensional signs have only one surface on which the message is printed/engraved. 2D signs can be seen only from one direction.

On the other hand, 3D signs or 3-dimensional signs project outwards from the surface. They are printed on two sides. Our Projecting V-Shape Acrylic Sign is angular and offers superior visibility when approached from an angle. Projecting 3D signs are great for the middle of a hallway or aisles where traffic comes from either direction, and one can’t see what’s there in the middle. Our projecting signs have an innovative 74° bend (versus a 90° bend).

Q. Which Braille is used on your Employees Only Braille Signs - uncontracted or contracted?


We use contracted Braille which is also called Grade 2 Braille, on all our Braille Signs. Grade 2 Braille complies with ADA as well as California Braille specifications too. The California standard is also valid nationwide. Grade 2 is not a “letter for letter” translation of the text; it contains 265 contractions, single characters used to represent whole words or groups of letters.

Q. Would I get color options with DiamondPlate Employees Only Signs?


DiamondPlate Employees Only Signs come either in black or gold. If you’re looking for more color options, you can use one of our templates from our Custom DiamondPlate Signs where you’ll get two more color options - Red and Dark Blue. The anodized aluminum plates feature graphics that are embedded into the pores of the aluminum. The 20 mil thick signs come with 3M adhesive and withstand constant abuse and abrasion due to people touching the sign surface when opening or closing the door.

Q. Which sign material is stronger - ShowCase Signs or Select-a-Color Engraved Signs?


Select-a-Color Engraved Signs - These are made of 60 mil thick, weather-resistant plastic. Signs are just thicker than a US quarter. Indoor Engraved Signs come with an acrylic layer on the top, while Outdoor Engraved Signs have a textured surface.

ShowCase™ Signs - are made of 125 mil thick acrylic. ShowCase signs are primarily for indoor use but can be used outdoors too for approximately 3 years. It's recommended to mount the sign in an area that isn't constantly exposed to sunlight and on a smooth surface receptive to adhesive.

From the thickness point of view, ShowCase signs are a clear winner. However, both sign materials have different applications and you must review all the features before deciding which one works best for their application. Call our sign experts to help you decide the best fit! 

Q. I am ordering two Employee Entrance Signs. Can you ship the order using my UPS shipping account?


Yes, we can do that. While placing the order you can leave your UPS account number in the instruction box and we will ship your order using your account.

Q. Do you have a return policy?


If our order does not satisfy you, call us within 60 days of receipt to return undamaged, unused stock products. We do not accept returns of custom products, international orders, or returns made more than 60 days after delivery.

Customer Reviews

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Mar 27, 2023

4" x 8" TactileTouch™ Braille Sign : Employees Only (with Tactile Touch...
Part #:SE-5255 4" x 8" TactileTouch™ Signs with Braille   Verified Purchase


Woman User Icon
Jun 28, 2022

Select-a-Color Engraved Sign : Employees Only (with Graphic)
Part #:SE-2828 3" x 9" Indoor Engraved Plastic   Verified Purchase

New signs

It looks great.
Woman User Icon
Mar 22, 2022

Notice Sign : Notice: Employees Only, Visitors...
Part #:S-8251 7" x 10" Adhesive Polyester Labels   Verified Purchase

Nice and Easy

Nice and easy to put on. Look great.
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Jan 22, 2022

2" x 6" DiamondPlate™ Door Sign : Employees Only
Part #:DP-0018 2" x 6" Aluminum Sign   Verified Purchase

Will use again

Fast delivery
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Jan 17, 2022

Bilingual Employees Only Sign : Empleados Unicamente...
Part #:S-7373 12" x 18" Engineer Grade Reflective Aluminum Sign   Verified Purchase

I am very Pleased with my order!

The signs were exactly as i ordered. They arrived within a couple of days. I am very pleased with my order!