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Medical Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding in hospital and health care centers is easy when you have signs guiding you. Install these Hospital Wayfinding Signs to help visitors find their way without wasting time. Internal hospital signage with symbols make your message comprehensible to multicultural visitors.
  • • Find a Medical Wayfinding Sign for every administrative and critical care location- from billing and cafe to cardiology and MRI/PET scan rooms. We also offer signs for holistic health centers providing alternative medicine like acupuncture.
  • • The print on these signs is engraved onto weather-resistant plastic. Each sign is loaded with UV inhibitors to prevent your message from fading.
  • • Signs are available in up to 16 colors, making it easy to match them to your decor.
  • • Need more information? We’re just a call away!
  • • For more information, visit our - Medical Wayfinding FAQs
Hospital Name Badges
Hospital name badges for doctors and staff are essential for many reasons. So order hospital badges with customization option as well.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I include a specific room name on a Medical Wayfinding Sign?


Explore our Custom Hospital Signsthat can be personalized with your text. That text can include a room name, any medical instruction, or just a symbol. The customization process is very simple - choose a template; pick a size and material; type in your text in the customization box; adjust the font, alignment; spell-check; choose clipart from our gallery; select a sign color, and you’re done. All this is for free! You can even call our customer service, and they can help you create a sign from scratch.

That being said, you will find practically every room sign already available in our stock options too, just browse this page or hit the search option.

Q. Which color should I choose for Hospital Wayfinding Signs? Are there any rules or guidelines for color?


As such, there are no rules or guidelines for hospital signage color. However, the use of colors as visual cues is a proven way to enhance wayfinding efficiency. Various studies have shown that cool colors like the blues and the blue-greens are more calming, so these colors soothe eyes and put people at ease because they bring a sense of tranquility.

Bright colors such as red and yellow, on the other hand, tend to raise anxiety levels or put on alert mode and must be reserved for hospital safety signage.

Children's Room Signs can be vibrant, though, because yellows and oranges may help the younger patients feel a little more cheerful, reducing their stress and anxiety.

From bright orange to soothing Gray, we offer 17 different color options with our Select-a-Color Engraved Sign. Colors work well when there is adequate contrast between the background and any colors used for text and pictographs.

Q. How durable are your doctors’ office signs?


Our in-stock Doctors' Signs are available in the ShowCase™ Sign pattern suitable for indoors and will last for years and years. If placed outdoors, these signs will last at least 3 years. Signs are sturdy and stand up to regular abuse. It's recommended to mount the sign in an area that isn't constantly exposed to sunlight and on a smooth surface receptive to adhesive. (Sign comes with Peel-and-stick foam adhesive.) Do not drill into the sign as it will crack. This video will take you through the construction and manufacturing of these acrylic signs.

Q. What are the size options available if I choose vertical signs for marking hospital rooms?


Following sizes are available for vertically oriented hospital room name signs offered in plastic and aluminum -

- 7-inch x 10-inch

- 10-inch x 14-inch

- 12-inch x 18-inch

Labels are available too for some of the above sizes and 3.5 x 5 inch and 5 x 7 inch options. 

The vertical versions of both Select-a-Color Engraved Hospital Signs and TactileTouch™ Braille Hospital Signs come in 6 x 9 inches.

Q. Which installation method is the most secure for Medical Door Signs?


There are several ways to mount the signs on doors, depending on your preference -

Mounting Holes and Screws: There are three hole-placements to choose from - two top holes, two side holes, four corner holes. Screws are included with most of these hole options. Mounting screws and holes are the most secure method of installation.

Foam Adhesive Strips: These are included with most of our door signs. Double-sided foam strips work well on clean and dry surfaces and secure the sign permanently. If the surface is dirty or porous, the bond will not work well. 

Hook and Loop fastener strips (Velcro): Adhesive-backed Velcro strips are a clean option for those looking to change the position of their signs after installation. If rooms change regularly, you can easily take the sign off the surface and relocate it to a new location without creating any mess.

Magnetic strips: Magnetic strips are a great option in case the signs need to be relocated or replaced. However, the bond is not as strong, and therefore, magnetic strips are recommended for static surfaces only and not for moving surfaces like doors.

Wall Standout Bracket: The sturdy metal bracket allows you to attach the sign perpendicularly to the wall.

Suction Cups: Hang your sign on a glass or metal surface with suction cups. The hooks are threaded through the holes.

Tube Adhesive: High-Bond adhesive bonds well to a flat surface like concrete, walls, plastics, metal, or wood. The adhesive takes 8 hours for a full cure but will achieve excellent adhesion after only 10 minutes.

Q. What are your shipping rates and time of delivery?


We ship for free if your entire order value is $29.95 or more. Below this, the shipping cost depends on the carrier, shipping speed, and distance. In your cart, you will see the "estimate shipping cost" option. You may use it to find the shipping cost for your order with your zip code. 

Most stock signs are shipped the same day. Expected ship dates do not include the time taken for a shipment to be delivered to you. Time of delivery can vary between 1-2 business days to 5-7 business days, depending on the shipping method. For custom signs, our expected ship date may change if art approval is required.