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Sliding Signs recognize the reality of your workplace – rooms are in constant use. These signs keep meetings from being disrupted, your privacy from being disturbed and confidential consultations private.
  • • We stock hundreds of different Sliding Sign legends and designs. We make it easy to design your own personalized sliding sign, too.
  • • Each sign is available in a variety of colors and a variety of backing materials to make the signs easy to install.
  • • For more information, visit our - Sliding Signage FAQs
Customize a Slider Sign
Just slide the top panel back and forth to show if the room is free or now. Add your own text to the template.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do sliding signs work - manually or automatically?


Sliding signs work manually. These SmartSliders™ consist of two panels - a static panel with two different messages on either side and a moveable top panel. You can easily show one message out of the two to show the current room status. To change the message on the sign, just slide the top panel horizontally and show either the message at the right or the left.

For example - Before using the bathroom, the user can display “Occupied” on the Occupied and Vacant Sign by covering the other side with the top slider. After coming out, the person can manually slide the top panel covering “Occupied” and displaying “Vacant” for other users.

Q. We can’t find a sliding door sign that we’re looking for on this page. Can you create one for us?

Yes, even you can create a sign on your own without any design skills. Our state-of-the-art custom wizard is extremely user-friendly and helps create a sign in no time. Pick a template from our Custom Slider Signs page. Enter your text - you can customize the text for both, the top panel and both sides of the bottom panel. Some templates allow you to add additional text for the top panel. The next step would be to select the frame color, pick a sign color, and you’re done! If you still face any problems, contact any of our customer service representatives.

Q. Which would be the best attachment option for sliding door signs for offices?


Depending on your surface and other preferences, you can choose from -

Foam Adhesive Strips: All Sliding Door Signs include high-bond foam adhesive strips for quick, permanent, and firm installation. These double-sided foam strips work well on clean and dry surfaces. If the surface is dirty or porous, the bond will not work well.

Hook and Loop fastener strips (Velcro): 0.75-inch x 1-inch velcro strips are a clean option for those looking to change the position of their slider sign after installation. If rooms change regularly, you can easily take off the sign from the door and relocate it to a new location without any mess.

Magnetic strips: 0.75-inch x 1-inch magnetic strips are a great option if the signs need to be relocated or replaced. However, the bond is not as strong, and therefore, magnetic strips are recommended for static surfaces and not for moving surfaces like doors.

Q. What material and printing technology is used behind sliding signs?


Sliding Signs consist of a 60 mil thick engraved plastic plate recessed within a solid anodized aluminum frame. The frame is available in a few colors and finishes. The plastic plate has two panels. The top sliding panel has engraved text, while the static base plate is screen-printed and/or coated in vivid color. Installation is simple too - use the foam adhesive strip to mount the sign on a door. Or, you can opt for magnetic or Velcro strips. Signs are easy to maintain, incredibly durable, and last for years and years.

Q. I need a very small Vacant Occupied Door Sign. Which size should I go for?


If you’re looking for a smaller size, try our Custom Mini Slider Sign. The height of this mini sign is 2.25 inches - the same as other SmartSliders™ Signs. However, the width is only 4 inches while other pre-printed Vacant Occupied Door Signs are 10 inches wide. This mini version will not take up much space and fit well on lockers, drawers, windows, and other very narrow surfaces. View this excellent video that details this Mini Slider Sign.

Q. Do you do purchase orders for Sliding Signs?


Purchase orders may be acceptable, but the minimum order value must exceed $200. Orders less than $200 require a credit card. 

SmartSign may accept purchase orders from hospitals, municipalities, school districts, and other well-established companies after due diligence.

Call us at 800-952-1457, or email us at [email protected] to set up an account. Our accounting department may contact you to verify creditworthiness and may be required to put down a deposit to place an order.

Q. How is an Occupied Vacant Slider Sign better than double-sided door tags?


Our slider signs are popularly called ‘two signs in one.’ With the help of just one slide, you can change the message on the sign. A double-sided door tag would also help you change the message by turning the tag and displaying only the current room status. However, door tags are lightweight and may not be as stable as fixed signs. An Occupied Vacant Slider Sign stays in place once installed on the door surface and looks much more professional than a tag. Also, door signs cannot be stolen or taken off by anyone, unlike door tags which can be easily removed.

Customer Reviews

Man User Icon
Feb 20, 2023

Customizable 2.25in. x 10in.... : In Session / Available - Add Your...
Part #:SE-3914 2.25" x 10" SmartSliders™ Changeable Door Signs   Verified Purchase

Great sign!

Perfect in every way!
Man User Icon
Oct 31, 2022

Customizable 2.25in. x 10in.... : In Session / Available - Add Your...
Part #:SE-3914 2.25" x 10" SmartSliders™ Changeable Door Signs   Verified Purchase

SmartSlider Sign is Perfect!

My sign showed up exactly as ordered and the quality is actually even nicer than expected. A+++ Would absolutely recommend.
Man User Icon
Sep 12, 2022

Custom 2.25in. x 10in.... : In Use / Vacant - Add Customizable...
Part #:SE-3913 2.25" x 10" SmartSliders™ Changeable Door Signs   Verified Purchase


Woman User Icon
Aug 01, 2022

Customizable 2.25in. x 10in.... : In Session / Available - Add Your...
Part #:SE-3914 2.25" x 10" SmartSliders™ Changeable Door Signs   Verified Purchase

Fast and accurate

Looks great and matches the preview.
Man User Icon
Jul 08, 2022

Customizable 2.25in. x 10in.... : In Session / Available - Add Your...
Part #:SE-3914 2.25" x 10" SmartSliders™ Changeable Door Signs   Verified Purchase

Perfect Door Signs

Outstanding!… Looks good on my office door. Much Appreciated. Thank You.