Use medical wayfinding signs to prevent delays and reduce stress

| April 14, 2017

It takes only a few wrong turns to cause a potentially life-threatening delay in a hospital. Confusion, disorganization, and wayfinding difficulties are the last things that hospital staff should have to worry about in a crisis. For these reasons, easy wayfinding is critical in medical settings.


Our Medical Wayfinding Signs are precisely designed to make it easy to navigate your facility. MyDoorSign products allow you to deliver consistent branding and navigation across your facility.

Emergency Hospital Sign

Available in a host of colors, our hospital signs work well with any kind of décor. Our ADA-compliant TactileTouch™ Signs are made for people with visual impairments and other disabilities.
If you can’t find exactly the sign you’re looking for, contact us! MyDoorSign specializes in custom signage. We can produce virtually any kind of custom sign that your facility needs. We’ve got the expertise to assemble your custom order quickly, at low prices, and with MyDoorSign’s excellent customer service team in Brooklyn, NY, you’ll never have to worry about your order going astray.

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