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Key Drop Signs Are Important for a 24-7 World

| May 26, 2017

Traditionally, key drops were used at hotels to help the staff manage housekeeping and prevent theft of lost keys. But they have other uses, too! If you run an auto service or a car rental, or even a vacation rental, you understand that key drops are indispensable. Whether it’s keeping your customers’ keys secure or providing them the option to leave car keys or rental keys at odd hours, drop boxes ensure that things run smoothly.

Our line of key drop signs is designed to help your customers and guests…

  1. Locate your key drop location easily.
  2. Spot the right key drop box.
  3. Follow instructions easily.

We offer directional key drop signs so your patrons can find the way to the key drop box, projecting signs that are visible from two directions, and bright key drop signs to place right on your key drop box. As always, if you can’t find exactly what you like, we make the best custom sign products in the business and can gladly help you out. Give us a call!


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