Oxygen in use signs make oxygen treatment safer for all

Oxygen In Use Tag

“Oxygen In Use” door signs are essential around areas where oxygen treatment is given.

What exactly is an oxygen treatment? Some diseases and conditions can prevent people from getting enough oxygen, so an oxygen tank is supplied in a metal cylinder or other container.  This treatment can be administered at a hospital, another medical setting, or at home. However, infusing the air with extra oxygen makes the area increases the risk of fire. Oxygen will make a flame burn hotter and faster.

Here are some tips to help you stay safe around oxygen machines:

  1. It’s essential to keep flammable items such as cigarettes or any item with an open flame far away from a room with oxygen (by at least six feet).
  2. Do not smoke while using oxygen.
  3. Stabilize oxygen cylinders by placing carts in a safe area or by securing them to a wall.

Post “Oxygen in Use” signs where oxygen is being stored, handled, or used. Some signs have bold, visible messages that say “Oxygen: No Smoking Signs” or “Oxygen In Use: Smoking Signs or No Open Flames.” Bold messages in bright inks make them visible from afar. It’s highly recommended that for the most effective safety system, you should post “Oxygen” and “No Smoking Signs” together. These signs should be posted on the cylinder in use, in oxygen storage areas, and at entrances to a ward or room where oxygen is in use.

View this “Oxygen in Use” sign here.

However, ideal “Oxygen in Use” tags are built especially for the doors, where they will be seen by anyone entering the room. They are long and thin so that they can be easily read, and come in all different sizes. The signs are adhered to the door with a clip, and they can be reused hundreds of times.

To view more about No Smoking Chemical Signs, visit https://www.mysafetysign.com/No-Smoking-Signs/No-Smoking-Chemical-Signs.aspx.

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