The Colbert Report takes on our ‘All Gender’ restroom signs

| March 16, 2017

Described as a “well-intentioned, poorly informed high-status idiot” and a “self-important right-wing commentator,” Stephen Colbert has famously established his parody show The Colbert Report as a leading source of comedy-news.  Two weeks ago Colbert discussed an issue close to MyDoorSign: the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

Stephen Colbert jokes, “Some bathrooms have – and this is true!- an all gender restroom symbol… Now folks, it is a nightmare for employers… ENDA would force religious business owners and workplaces such as Christian bookstores…to accept as normal…transvestites…and drag queens.”

Imagine that! People are being forced to accept someone regardless of their appearance and preferences in 2013. This reminds me of the good old days before women were allowed to vote.

colbert report

A Sign from MyDoorSign on this segment of The Colbert Report.

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) prohibits employers from discriminating against members of the LGBT community. Specifically, employers with at least 15 employees cannot discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity during the hiring process. While some places like Philadelphia are already making gender-neutral restroom signs the law, others still have the option for now. With the implementation of ENDA, gender-neutral signs are likely to become more common in the workplace.

Kelsey Hopson, Clinical Director at Compassion Road Academy in Denver, said, “Everyone deserves a safe place to take care of their basic human needs without being challenged. Transgender people experience preventable medical issues at a greatly increased rate due to the anxiety around not being able to safely access the correct restroom in public.”

What do you think of ENDA? Are gender-neutral restroom signs a positive step toward equality?


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