In the most pet-friendly cities, newly pet-friendly apartments attract renters

| September 13, 2013

If you treat your pet like a family member, you have reason to smile. An increasing number of apartments in the US have started welcoming pets. According to a recent survey, three in four apartment and townhouse communities allow renters to keep pets. Another survey found that landlords allowing pets made more money from their apartments, as pet friendly apartments rent faster. Property owners are even going the extra mile and designing pet-friendly units in recently constructed buildings for the convenience of pet owners.

Pet boom

The market for pets in the US is booming. According to American Pet Products Association (APPA), 68 percent of American households own pets. Spending on pets jumped 34.5 percent in the last six years, indicating that pet owners did not cut back on this expense even during recession. This trend was underscored in a 2008 survey by the American Kennel Club in which a staggering 96 percent of respondents agreed to cut down on their personal expenses and luxury spending to spend more on  pets.

Top five pet-friendly cities

If it’s true that love can make you do crazy things, then puppy love is no exception. So if you are considering a change of location and worried about your pup, here is a list of the five best cities to live in with your pet.

New York City: With over 120 dog parks and dog runs along with dog friendly bars and cafes, what more can a dog lover ask for? Your dog can even run off-leash in some park areas at certain times. Small dogs in carriers are allowed on buses and subways, and you can also carry them on the Metro-North Railroad when they are on a leash.

Chicago, Illinois: Many communities in the city organize dog-focused festivals. There are wonderful family- and dog-friendly events, such as doggy fashion shows, pet parades and pet games so that you can have a good time with your pooch. Chicago even offers pet blessings and pet workouts! You can also go to the annual Chicago White Sox Dog Day and walk your dog around the field before the baseball game.

Boston, Massachusetts: The city has many pet-friendly establishments that allow dogs in their outdoor seating areas. Well-behaved leashed dogs are even welcome on the Boston T, which makes it an ideal city to move around with your pup. With dog treat bakeries, dog washes, and dog walkers, this city is paradise for pooches.

San Francisco, California:  Small dogs are allowed in carriers in cable cars, muni buses, trains and ferries. Dog off-leash areas in parks are a perfect place to spend quality time with your pet. On the San Francisco Giants‘ Dog Day, you can watch the game accompanied by your pet. Dogs can even get acupressure treatment in this city.

Seattle, Washington : Apart from pet friendly apartments, Seattle also offers a large number of pet assistance businesses, like pet sitting and pet walking. Leashed dogs of all sizes are allowed on public transport. You can even take your dog on the ferry if you put it in a carrier. And hiking trails and parks ensure your mutt gets exercise.

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