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| March 3, 2017

When nature calls, there is no stalling, and Stefan George understands it better than anyone else. His phone-friendly website WeeWeeFree.com tells you where you can find the nearest available restroom without being dismissed by annoying business owners.

George’s inspired wee venture is a tad different from other bathroom locators. Unlike other sites, WeeWeeFree does not rely on data provided by anonymous contributors, and instead gives a list of available restrooms compiled through a door-to-door assessment.


George personally goes and seeks permission from businesses that allow locals and tourists to use their restroom. Of course, he’s turned down by many but gets a yes from others. The tedious worker, who is a recent graduate without a full-time job, isn’t after the money either. He does not allow advertisements on the site in order to offer users a clutter-free and smooth experience.

Naturally the nature of the project limits the scope of the app. Currently the site is functional only for New York City’s restrooms. But if you’re outside the Big Apple, there are other restroom-locating services you can use.

The Toilet Finder app (for iPhones and iPads) boasts “the biggest world public toilet database” with “60000 toilet places across the world.” This site relies on consumer contributions.

Where to Wee is another app by someone absolutely passionate about restrooms, as well as their decor and design. Aside from providing information about the nearest available bathrooms, the app also rates them on their quality.

SitOrSquat is yet another free app in the toilet search squad, which, other than informing users about the nearest restrooms, rates them as either sit-worthy (hygienic enough for seating) or squat-worthy (when hovering over the toilet would be a more preferable option).

In addition to the functional apps that provide relief to your tiny bladder, there are some that satisfy slightly different urges.

The iToilet App offers users “22+ ultra realistic toilet/bathroom sound effects” just in case you had used up all your fart jokes. Like many apps that the highly-popular sitcom “Seinfeld” has inspired, this one too is a brainchild of its character, George Costanza who, after rotting in prison for 11 years, makes big money out of such an app only to lose it again — as seen on the cast’s reunion on “Curb Your Enthusiam.”

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