Girls Bathroom Hall Pass ID
Part# BD-0685
Size 5.25" x 2.375" (H x W)
Color Black and Pink on White
Package 1 Badge
Material ID Badge [BD-ID]

Restroom Hall Pass ID 

Girls Bathroom (Girl Symbol)

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6 12 60
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Product Description
Get rid of ugly handwritten passes! Creative plastic bathroom passes also do their intended job (of discouraging students to waste time in hallways socializing with friends or loitering around) and last much longer than paper passes.

• Credit-card thick plastic is pre-punched for easy attachment to a clip and lanyard that can be worn by the student. This helps girl student to be hands-free while using the restroom.

• Visible restroom passes also help hallway monitors and restroom staff to immediately identify that the girl is authorized to be out of class.

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