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Connecticut State Compliant No Smoking Signs
Browse our selection of Connecticut No Smoking Signs. Our signs are made to meet state guidelines. If you don't see the sign you want, feel free design a custom sign with our online wizard.
State Summary
In 2003 the Connecticut Clean Indoor Air Act prohibited smoking in workplaces with 5 or more employees and in restaurants and some bars. In 2004 the act was then expanded to include all bars and Off Track Betting establishments. The primary reason behind the Act is to protect employees from the health risk associated with secondhand smoke.

Mandatory No Smoking Signs for Connecticut

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3.5"x5" to 10"x14"

Recommended No Smoking Signs for Connecticut

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3.5"x5" to 10"x14"
3.5"x5" to 10"x14"
3.5"x5" to 10"x14"
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Law Excerpt
Sec. 19a-342. (Formerly Sec. 1-21b). Smoking prohibited. Exceptions. Signs required. Penalties.
(d) In each room, elevator, area or building in which smoking is prohibited by this section, the person in control of the premises shall post or cause to be posted in a conspicuous place signs stating that smoking is prohibited by state law. Such signs, except in elevators, restaurants, establishments with permits to sell alcoholic liquor to consumers issued pursuant to chapter 545, hotels, motels or similar lodgings, and health care institutions, shall have letters at least four inches high with the principal strokes of letters not less than one-half inch wide.
(e) Any person found guilty of smoking in violation of this section, failure to post signs as required by this section or the unauthorized removal of such signs shall have committed an infraction.