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Alabama State Compliant No Smoking Signs
Browse our selection of Alabama No Smoking Signs. Our signs are made to meet state guidelines. If you don't see the sign you want, feel free design a custom sign with our online wizard.
State Summary
The Alabama Clean Indoor Air Act took effect September 3, 2003, barring people from smoking in hospitals, schools, most retail businesses, elevators, buses and taxicabs except in designated areas. The law also prohibits smoking in government buildings, except private office, restrooms, service lines, polling places, and the lobbies and hallways of multi-unit buildings.

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Law Excerpt
Section 22-15A-5
Written smoking policies by employers; designation of nonsmoking areas.
(a) By December 1, 2003, each employer having an enclosed place of employment may adopt, implement, make known, and maintain a written smoking policy which shall contain at a minimum all of the following requirements:
(1) Any employee in a place of employment shall have the right to designate his or her work area as a nonsmoking area and to post the same with an appropriate sign or signs, to be provided by the employer.
(2) Smoking shall be prohibited in all common work areas in a place of employment, unless a majority of the workers who work in that area agree that a smoking area will be designated.
(b) The smoking policy shall be communicated to all employees within three weeks of its adoption. All employers shall supply a written copy of the smoking policy upon request to any existing or prospective employee. (c) Notwithstanding any other provisions of this section, every employer shall have the right to designate any place of employment, or any portion thereof, as a nonsmoking area.