Pet-friendly hotels gain popularity, offer impressive amenities

| March 21, 2017

Hotels offer a wide variety of services, from the necessary to the upscale and unusual, to make their guests feel at home: pedicures, massages, gift baskets, exercise classes, gourmet room service, luxury bedding, even psychics — no, not for you, for your pet!

A recent New York Times article reports that as pets become family members and more owners want to travel with their animals, 61 percent of U.S. hotel properties permit pets. Each year, Americans spend $5.4 billion on traveling with pets. There are now websites dedicated to pet-friendly hotels and travel options, such as and More than ever, hotels are not just accepting and accommodating dogs, they are encouraging and embracing them. There are even hotels exclusively for dogs and cats – no people allowed!

Some hotels allow pets in all rooms, while some have a limited number of pet rooms. Many hotels charge about $25 a night for pets, and some require a refundable deposit of $100-150 for possible damages. Some even require a nonrefundable cleaning fee, which can also be around $100. In order to be properly prepared, avoid disappointment, and ensure an enjoyable and comfortable stay, ask questions ahead of time.

pet-friendly hotels

You’re going to be the one wanting to share their bed! From Sarah Ackerman.

Tips for booking a pet-friendly hotel:

  • Know if the hotel has size, weight, age, or breed restrictions before booking. Some hotels only allow small dogs (usually under 20-35 pounds).
  • Check if there’s a pet fee. There may be a damage deposit prior to your stay or a pet cleaning fee to pay at the end of your stay. Ask for an itemized list of pet fees, especially nonrefundable fees.
  • If you are traveling with more than one pet, know how many are allowed in one room. Some hotels only allow two pets per room.
  • Find out what kinds of pet perks are offered. Are beds, food and water dishes, toys, treats, sheets to cover the furniture, etc., included?
  • Learn the rules. Do you have to keep your pet leashed? Are you allowed to leave your pet alone in the room? Does your pet have to be crated to be left alone?
  • Know the area. Is there a nearby dog run, off-leash park, or open space where your pet can release energy and exercise?
  • Find out what services are offered. Some pet-friendly hotels offer pet-sitting or pet-walking services, which may allow you some relaxation time away from your pet.
  • Know the hotel’s layout. Sometimes “pet rooms” are also smoking rooms or older rooms that haven’t been renovated. You may want to request a non-smoking room, as well as a room near an “EXIT” door. You may also want to request a room away from high-traffic areas, like  the elevator or ice machine. The noise may cause your pet to become excited and respond noisily.
  • Bring paperwork, just in case. Most pet-friendly hotels do not require this, however, it’s a good idea to have your pet’s medical records on hand.

Keep in mind, you may be able to find a place to stay with no pet fees! There are several pet-friendly hotels and motels that allow pets to stay free of charge, including Red Roof Inn, Best Western, Motel 6, and Candlewood Suites.

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