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Sliding Signs: Frequently Asked Questions


Sliding Signs can have a myriad of applications, some of which are - 

- Medical Facilities: Slider signs can be used for the therapist room, X-ray room, nursing room, changing room, consultation room, first aid room, examination room, etc.

- Schools: Sliding signs are ideal for the counseling room, exam room, prayer room, locker room, testing room, classrooms, first aid rooms, staff rooms, and more such rooms.

- Offices: Sliding door signs for offices are ideal for meeting rooms, interview rooms, conference rooms, human resources offices, training rooms, board rooms, and more.

- Restrooms: Sliding Panel Sign can be used to mark the type of restroom along with its occupancy status.


Some of the major benefits of using sliding panel signs are - 

1) At-door Instructions: A sliding sign would help people decide their actions right at the door. Slider Signs let people know whether to enter or wait, whether they should knock before entering or not disturb at all, and if it is safe to enter the designated space.

2) Prevent Awkward Situations: Locked restrooms, changing rooms, or lactation rooms can also accidentally open with a strong push. Sliding panel signs don’t let anybody’s privacy suffer. 

3) Privacy: Slider signs come to your rescue if you do not wish to be disturbed by anyone inside a space or room. They provide an additional layer of comfort and privacy to occupants.

4) Professional: Sliding Open Closed Signs are a professional way to guide people about your availability rather than inquire from employees in your facility.

5) Save Money: No need to purchase two signs for displaying different room statuses. Slider signs are two-in-one. Simply change the message by sliding the top panel. 


Vacant Occupied Signs ensure privacy in a lot of situations, especially when they are used for restrooms. Signs eliminate the need for people waiting outside the restroom to knock on the door to inquire if it is vacant. Knocking may make the person inside feel uncomfortable. A loosely closed door can suddenly open due to forceful knocking, which jeopardizes the occupant’s privacy. If there’s a clear sign indicating that the room is “Occupied” with an octagonal Stop symbol, that’s enough signal for awaiting folks.


When X-rays are emitted, entering an X-ray room is not safe even for the hospital staff. 

An X-Ray Sliding Sign has two messages - ‘In Use’ and ‘Safe To Enter’. By revealing the ‘In Use’ panel, you can surely improve the safety around the X-Ray room and ask those looking to enter the room including employees, patients, and visitors to stop outside.


Yes. A sliding sign on the door with messages like “Do Not Disturb”, “Occupied”, “In Session”, “Do Not Knock”, “Session/Class In Progress”, “Do Not Enter” and more are a great tool for politely conveying unwanted solicitors and visitors you are unavailable to meet them. Signs help you avoid personal intervention, give you more time to focus on your tasks rather than entertaining unwanted visitors.

Looking for Sliding Signs?
Looking for Sliding Signs?
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