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Office Signs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should office door signs be used?


Office door signs serve as an effective way to keep a workplace organized and facilitate easy approachability and communication. These signs also help ensure privacy when needed and prevent unauthorized access to information, systems, or processes that may be confidential and/or unsafe for the uninitiated. In the absence of appropriate office signs, it can be quite a challenge for employees, customers, or visitors to locate facilities they wish to access and for businesses to prevent private information from becoming public knowledge.

Q. What should one keep in mind when using office door signs?


When using an office door sign, one of the most important things is to ensure that the sign complies with any applicable standards prescribed OSHA, ADA, and more. These requirements usually vary according to industries, nature of business, location, etc. and you should check with the local authority to understand what applies to your situation. 

Additionally, the sign should be easy to read and understand, with no room for ambiguity. It may also be a good idea not to use several signs in one location to avoid confusion and distraction. The sign should be sturdy enough and be secured such that it does not come off easily. You may want to use a reflective sign to facilitate low-light visibility if required.

Q. Do office signs have to be OSHA compliant?


This usually depends on what the sign is about and where it is used. OSHA workplace safety signs about accident prevention in the workplace are governed by CFR 1910.145 and you may be required to have such signs designed accordingly, with the correct headers. OSHA also has different country-specific standards that may have their own requirements. You may access these here.

Q. When should Bilingual office signs be used?


Given the increasingly diverse workforce in more and more businesses, bilingual office signs prove useful in almost all workplace situations. These aid efficient communication to a larger group and indicate an employer’s commitment to inclusivity. These signs are particularly useful in settings with a significant mix of people who speak different languages.

Q. Are office signs required to comply with any ADA regulations?


While it may be a good idea to use ADA office signs as far as possible, certain office signs must be ADA-compliant. These include signs used to identify rooms and spaces of a more permanent nature in terms of their use, such as restrooms, numbered rooms, vending areas, entrance and exits, path markers, etc.

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