LED Exit Sign with Battery Backup: Ladies - Green Lettering, White Background

Header LED Exit Sign with Battery Backup
Legend Ladies - Green Lettering, White Background
Part# EXIT-1004
Color Green
Shape Horizontal

Product Description

Use this Ladies LED Exit Sign to indicate women's restroom. LED illumination means energy efficient operation (consumes less than 5 watts of power) and long lamp life (up to 25 years).

Price List

Material Size Quantity / Price (Per Sign)
  arrowfirst LED
  7.5" x 12"
Material Features:
  • 5VA flame retardant thermoplastic LED sign comes with snap-on directional arrows.
  • High-impact, thermoplastic housing is damp location rated.
  • 4.8V long-life, maintenance-free, rechargeable NiCd battery included. Battery will last a minimum of 90 minutes for emergency illumination.
  • Equipped with a blank, back plate for wall mounting or a universal canopy mount for top mounting on the ceiling or side mounting off the wall. Signs can be ordered single or double sided.
  • Dual 120/277 voltage.
More Material Details
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Package: 1 Sign
6ft Wire Cord and Plug for Electric-Only Models $12.57 for 1 Adder Help
Double Faced LED Thermoplastic Sign Add-On $15.87 for 1 Adder Help
Total: 1  Sign  $115.05
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