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Quickly get a price on a batch of projecting signs.

• Start the quote by choosing whether you want a “V” , "Z" or an “L” sign.

• All projecting signs are made from metal. Unlike competitive plastic signs, which crack too easily, metal signs can withstand the typical nicks and knocks that you typically see in most hallway environments.

• Most sizes allow you to order a standard or a photoluminescent sign material.We can use your art or you can ask our art team to make a professional proof based on your custom sketch. For simpler signs, search through our templates.

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Size Material Sale unit Price 1 2 3 4 5
    18 x 4 LSHAPE Aluminum L Projecting 1 sign per sign $52.95 $30.65 $27.05 $23.26 $20.45
    18 x 4 VSHAPE Glow Aluminum 1 sign per sign $66.95 $44.85 $43.35 $39.53 $36.36
            1 2 3 5 20
    6 x 12 ZSHAPE Aluminum Z Projecting 1 sign per sign $47.14 $33.57 $28.85 $25.31 $21.18
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Custom Projecting Signs
Custom Projecting Signs
Easily attach to any flat surface for maximum visibility.
video thumb buttonZ Signsvideo thumb frame
These Z Signs are made of durable aluminum and offer hassle-free installation in a jiffy. Check out here.
video thumb buttonGlow Projecting Aluminum Signsvideo thumb frame
Watch this quick video to understand why Projecting GlowSmart Aluminum Signs are highly preferred for displaying important messages, especially emergency ones.
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Projecting Signs

Aluminum L Projecting

Glow Aluminum

Ceiling Tile Signs

Aluminum Z Projecting

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