Dome-Top Sign: No Smoking, No Vaping (K2-5115) Learn More...

Part# K2-5115
Colors Black And Red
Shape Dome Top

Product Description

Make sure more people read your signs. Use decorative, architecturally beautiful signs to grab eyeballs. No Smoking, No Vaping Dome-Top Sign is attractive as well as to-the-point.

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    168ºFJan 22
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    • Spot signs at night.
    • 3M High Intensity (HIP) grade reflectivity.
    • 80 mils thick aluminum.
    • Durable for over 10 years outdoors.
    • Special pricing.
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    168ºFJan 22
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    • 80 mil thick, rust-proof aluminum.
    • Upscale design.
    • Pre-drilled holes for easy installation.
    • Lasts for over 10 years outside.
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