Workplace Signs - Need of the ‘Working Hours’

"Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here, Kindly Clean Up After Yourself. "Does this sound like one of the workplace signs you can use in the office?
It’s notable how people expect to treat customers with respect and how few worry about how their colleagues treat each other. We all go to great extents to impress a potential client. How does it make the client feel to see a noisy, non-courteous & unorganized office when he enters the office? Or a foul smell when they walk past the lunch room? However trivial this may seem but more often than not the collective impression including office etiquettes, hygiene & harmony between workers has a far greater impact in signing that deal than just the sales pitch. Somewhere in the back of the mind work productivity is directly implied by the first impressions of the office.
Though we think that office etiquettes and civility are insignificant issues, they have a surprising economic impact. Christine Pearson, co-author of The Cost of Bad Behavior said her research over the last decade showed that many workers left jobs because of continuing incivility but rarely reported that as the reason. As per the surveys conducted by Pearson and her colleagues, 48% of poorly treated employees have intentionally decreased their productivity and 12% say the boorish behavior compelled them to quit. Workplace rudeness costs employers an average of $50,000 per worker. "There are very high costs associated with even seemingly inconsequential inconsiderate words and actions," adds Pearson. Workplace signs are sensible tools in such situations. Relevant workplace signs to curb the bullies or maintain quiet in work zone shows the seriousness on employer’s part.
In addition to affecting productivity, a non civil work environment has far reaching psychological impacts too. Etiquettes and civility loosely translate into one single meaning – respect for others. Respect given is respect gained. On the other hand, continued rude behavior creates a vicious cycle of unruly office environment. One may forget to say the words of respect – Thanks, Please and Sorry; but the other person won’t fail to notice these omissions and could presume disrespect. Workplace signs reminding these little gestures are a great way to get over such issues.
Similarly, unclean, noisy and callous behavior is a deterrent to any office culture and behaving this way means interfering with your colleagues’ spaces in one way or another. A simple act of brewing the next pot of coffee if you have taken the last cup show ones courtesy and respect towards others around. How does it feel to open a refrigerator badly spilled with yogurt which is rotting because the culprit didn’t care to clear his/her mess? This not only causes a repulsive (and potentially infectious) work environment for office people, but it doesn’t make a good impression on visitors either. A sure-fire way to combat such issues is placing Workplace signs. These Workplace Signs prove highly effective in inducing a sense of courtesy and order in the office.
While such citations seem like small slips, they can create deep resentments between co-workers. "It's like a marriage. It's the little things that get under your skin and mount up after awhile," says Jacqueline Whitmore, author of Business Class. It is common sense to clean up after yourself but busy days makes it ‘convenient’ to let some things slide – especially when you don’t have to directly bear the brunt of it. Constant reminders through workplace signs are vital to inculcate such habits. Prominent Workplace Signs like ‘Refrigerator dos and don’ts’ & ‘This is your lunch room’ come handy in such circumstances.
Creating a culture of mutual respect & empathy start right from when one enters the office premise. Having workplace signs like ‘Reserved for Mothers to be’ in the parking lots show how much the office cares about its employees. Workplace signs though being apparent, work at the subliminal level also. They create a much friendlier and compliant work space.
Through workplace signs, the rules to office etiquettes become simple to understand
- If you mess it up, clean it up.
- If you used the last of something, replace it.
- If you want to work in undistracted environment, keep quiet.
- Want people to like you? Maintain cleanliness and hygiene.
- Need all the equipment at work in usable condition? Treat things as you’d treat your own.
- Someone has a special need, respond with politeness and compassion.
Modern technology and changing work culture have transformed the old school workplace signs into fun and snazzy workplace signs instead. Today’s bold workplace signs are visually appealing, cleverly worded and elegant. These workplace signs blend easily with any professional setting.