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Mounting the Purell station is not enough. Add a Santize Hands Sign to teach everyone how to use hand sanitizer. In tests, over 80% of the users do not properly apply and sanitize their hands. Instructional signs are badly needed!

  • Now that you have installed a station, signs help you make the sanitizing effective.
  • Unique projecting design allows everyone to spot your sanitizer station as they walk down a hall.
  • Polished acrylic fits well in any office. Yet, at 120 mils thick, sign can withstand abuse and is suitable for a warehouse or factory.
  • Kit includes both adhesive mounting pads and attachment screws – for total flexibility.
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  • 6" x 5"
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Acrylic Projecting
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  • Visible from all directions. Quickly spot emergency equipment.
  • 120 mils polished acrylic with flame treated edge.
  • Direct print on both sides – outlasts competitive decal-based projecting signs.
  • Includes handy attachment kit.
  • Innovative 74° bend for superior visibility.
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Material:Acrylic Projecting
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