• Universal Mount Edge-Lit LED Exit Sign
Part# EXIT-206
Size 7.5" x 12" x 1.75" (H x W x D)
Installation Instructions for Edge-Lit LED Exit Sign (AC Only)
Instructions for Edge-Lit LED Exit Sign (with Battery Backup)
Package 1 Sign
Material Custom Message Edge-Lit Sign, Red [EXC-EL2]

Edge-Lit LED Exit Sign 

Social Distancing w/ Clipart - UL 924 Universal Mount Edge-Lit LED

Product Description
Surface mount LED Exit Signs are edge-lit and offer an elegant look. Easily install this sign onto any flat surface.

• Surface-mount units include a tri-mount canopy for top, end or back-mounting convenience.

• A UV-stabilized, clear acrylic panel is ideal for upscale offices and establishments.

• Ultra-bright LED offers high illumination and low energy requirements.

• Add .6 pounds to the sign weight when adding Remote Capability.

• Arrows are included.

Need emergency battery backup? Check off the "Battery Backup" icon below and add a battery!

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Package : 1 Sign • Price per Sign
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Sign
1 Sign
 Single or Double Sided with Panel Backing  
Single-Sided or Double-Sided? Select the number of faces and the back panel coloring for your sign.  
Single Faced Exit Sign, Clear Background  Help Image
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Single Faced Exit Sign, White Background  Help Image
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Single Faced Exit Sign, Silver Background  Help Image
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Double Faced Exit Sign, White Background  Help Image
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Double Faced Exit Sign, Silver Background  Help Image
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Red or Green? Select the color of letters for your sign.  
Red Lettering, Standard  Help Image
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Green Lettering  Help Image
Green Lettering Option
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 Plate Finish / Housing Color  
Select the plate finish / housing color.  
Aluminum Plate Finish  Help Image
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Black Plate Finish  Help Image
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White Plate Finish  Help Image
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 Power Type  
Select the power source for your sign.  
Standard AC Unit  Help Image
Wired direct to your building's power source
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Battery Backup Add-On for Exit Signs  Help Image
Premium Nickel Cadmium Battery Backup
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Dual Circuit Option   Help Image
Dual transformers for 2-circuit system. Will not function with battery backup. Used when exit lighting is powered by a generator. Custom build - no returns.
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 Assemble Options  
Select if you want your sign made in the U.S.A.  
Made in USA  Help Image
Sign made in USA
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Select from various options to add on to your exit sign.  
Lead Acid Battery Backup with Self-Diagnostic/Self-Test Capability  Help Image
Battery Backup with Self-Diagnostic
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