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Reception Signs: Frequently Asked Questions


A reception area should be aesthetically pleasing and have the most essential and practical stuff that anyone entering your facility will require and expect. Following arrangements can be made to create an inviting reception area

  • - Furniture, wall decor, and lighting that matches your brand image or reflects your personality
  • - Enough and comfortable seating for guests while waiting
  • - Magazine and newspaper stand
  • - A surface for visitors to keep their purses, briefcases, or other personal belongings 
  • - A closeby restroom facility
  • - Some desk plants and indoor plants
  • - A clock
  • - Service menu or attractive display of retail products
  • - Light-hearted music playing in the background
  • - Water dispensers or maybe a tea and coffee machine
  • - Informative and wayfinding reception signs

Savvy managers would avoid the following mistakes at the reception:

1. Abandoned Desk: Don’t keep your visitors in doubt with an empty front desk. If at all the receptionist has to leave the desk for an unavoidable circumstance, place a reception desk sign that informs people what to do.

2. Unprofessional Behavior: Avoid eating at the desk, shabby dressing, loud talking, or constantly being on a personal phone.

3. Cluttered Area: Papers scattered on the table, too many bags near the couch, an odor of food, or a pallet of samples to be moved to the storeroom lying unattended near the desk are a total no-no.

4. No Directions: No signage or visual clues can confuse and make your visitors feel lost at the reception itself.


Proper social distancing can be maintained at the reception with the following measures:

Barriers: Use clear barriers or countertop shields to block contact between the receptionist and clients physically. Physical barriers can also be installed to separate people entering and exiting the building through the reception, waiting in queues, or sitting in the reception area.

Limit Capacity: Allow only a certain amount of people at the reception entrance at a time. Mark X on every alternate chair so that people sit distantly. Ask your customers to call before they come in. 

Replace Shared Furniture: Replace shared couches at the reception with chairs for single-seating.

Disinfection: Surfaces must be sanitized regularly to ensure safety for your employees, guests, and visitors. The reception desk must be cleaned with sanitizer and disinfectant wipes after every interaction. No-touch trash cans and sanitizer dispenser stands must be installed too.

Signs: Whether it is standing 6 feet apart or asking people to wear a mask, use Social Distancing Signs to effectively communicate your company’s social distancing policies right at the reception.


Yes, the reception area does play a vital role in winning and retaining clients as it is the first place they see when visiting your business place. A well-designed and managed reception area would create the best first impression for any matter or business ahead.

Small little gestures at the reception, like professional signs directing customers where they need to go or the plush carpet laid under the table, leave a great impression about how you conduct business. Customers will remember the nitty-gritty noticed at your reception when they make the decision of which company to do business with. Good reception design helps you stand out against your competitors. Use reception areas to impress potential customers right off the bat. The reception should certainly represent your business and generate happy, returning customers.

Looking for Reception Signs?
Looking for Reception Signs?
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