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Part# SE-1702
Size 6" x 9" (H x W)
Package 1 Sign
Material Architectural Subsurface Printed Sign [MU-SHOW]
Printing Screen Printing What is this?
Contents Each sign has a pre-molded back stand for desk and counter applications.

ShowCase™ Desk Sign 

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Package : 1 Sign • Price per Sign
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$25.24 $24.61 $23.98 $22.71 $20.18 $17.65
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Forest Green
Forest Green
Product Description
Professionally subsurface printed signs are ready for quick ship.

• Sign is 1/8" thick and has a gloss surface. Corners are rounded.

• Print and Distinctive Border is subsurface screen printed or subsurface engraved and color filled.

• Several designer color variations.

• Desk Signs have a pre-molded back stand.

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