Part# DP-0066
Size 1.5" x 5" (H x W)
Color Black & Silver
Package 2 Signs/Kit
Material Aluminum Sign [HC-D-MP]
Printing Anodized Printing What is this?
Contents Kit includes two signs, one with the legend "Push" and the other with the legend "Pull". Signs include high bond adhesive backing.

1.5" x 5" DiamondPlate™ Anodized Door Signs 

Pull/Push Signs (with arrow graphic), Set

Package : 2 Signs/Kit • Price per Kit
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Kit
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Package : 2 Signs/Kit
[ Kit = Signs total]
Product Description
Our best Push Pull door sign for high traffic areas is now even better! Clear arrows help end door frustrations. A pictogram is quickly understood (tests prove that symbols are read faster) and reinforce the text message (Pull or Push).

• Signs show a foreshortened arrow - easy to understand.

• For many of our competitor's Push Pull signs, it is easy to spot signs of wear. They do not last outside and, through the constant abuse that a door sign must withstand, many Push Pull door signs fade, rip or wear thin. Our DiamondPlate signs, in contrast are tough! In most cases, they will outlast your door. The print is embedded within the aluminum. These Push Pull signs outlast all other signs (even those that are laminated).

• Once applied to a smooth, flat surface, these signs are virtually impossible to remove (but, ask us if you want to learn a few tricks if this is necessary). The high bond adhesive permanently fuses the sign to the door. And, unlike other Push Pull signs, these signs have a thinner profile - which is actually an advantage in this application. Thicker Push Pull signs tend to get "picked off".

• Signs have rounded corners and a matte, non-glare surface.

• They are applied on the outside of the door.

• For double doors, purchase two sets of signs. That way, you can place a sign on each of the four surfaces for each of the two doors.

• Sold as a set of 2 signs (1 Push, 1 Pull).

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