Competitor's Push-Pull Signs

  Read about common problems with competitor's signs and compare with our Push-Pull signs

See the common problems with our competitors' Push-Pull Signs
Print is not durable and scratches off over time.
  • Print scratches off.
  • Ink fades when exposed to sun and weather.
Square corners lead to premature flagging.
  • Adhesive is not permanent.
  • Square corners tempt pick-offs and premature flagging.
When the laminate peels off, the print is left exposed.
  • Label is de-laminating.
  • Without the laminate, the print is exposed and easily damaged.
Compare to our Durable DiamondPlate™ Push-Pull Signs
Ink is embedded in the plate.
  • Ink is embedded in the aluminum.
  • Ink is UV resistant and can withstand any weather.
Round corners and strong adhesive.
  • Rounded corners won't catch.
  • 3M adhesive ensures secure bonding.
Durable metal plates.
  • No Laminate!
  • 20mil Aluminum Plate is durable.
Yes, you can buy a Push-Pull sign for less - but at what "true" cost? Your front door makes the first impression on your customers, visitors, guests (and, bankers). Doors and door signs are subject to contact scratches and even, abuse. Moreover, the actual cost to order and install a door sign is actually a multiple of the cost of the signs themselves. So Why scrimp? Our DiamondPlate? Push-Pull signs, in most cases, outlast the door. Simply put, they are the "World's Best Push-Pull Sign!"

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