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Hand Washing Stickers – for Kids (39353)

Keep your school flu-free this season. Hand Washing stickers for schools encourage clean, healthy, and responsible kids. Make sure students wash their hands thoroughly throughout the day.
  • • Popular rhymes like ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ on the stickers get children’s attention.
  • • Find additional signs for your school to maintain cleanliness in the bathroom, classroom, and lunchroom.
Twinkle / Twinkle Labels Really Work!
Twinkle / Twinkle Labels Really Work!
Wash your hands for as long as it takes to sing the song. Learn about the research into this remarkable effective system.
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Twinkle – Hand Washing Stickers (76083)

Handwashing Sticker for Kids
Children Bathroom Decal
3" Circle
Children Bathroom Vinyl Decals
Children Bathroom Decal
3" Circle
Kids Wash Your Hands Stickers
Children Flu Prevention Decal / Label
3" Circle
Funny Handwashing Bathroom Decals for Kids
Children Bathroom Decal
3" Circle

Children Hand Washing Signs and Stickers (39425)

Did You Wash Them, Wash Hands Mirror Decal
Wash Hands Mirror Decal
7" x 5" (h x w)
Cover Your Cough, Stop Spreading Germs Sign
Elementary School Kids Sign
18" x 12" (h x w)
Wash Your Hands Help Prevent Spread of H1N1
Wash Hands Sign
10" x 7" (h x w)
Staff Students Wash Hands Upon Entering School Sign
ShowCase™ Wall Sign
3" x 10" (h x w)
Customer Reviews
Man User Icon
Mar 25, 2020

Children Bathroom Decal : Sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"...
Part #: LB-1904 3" x 3" Polyester Labels with Removable Adhesive   Verified Purchase

Mirror stickers

Awesome! Brought smiles to coworker's faces in these troubled times.
Woman User Icon
Jan 04, 2017

Wash Hands Mirror Decal : Did You Wash Them, Hand Washing...
Part #: LB-2853 7" x 5" MirrorPal™ Glass Label   Verified Purchase

Great Label for Clinic Restrooms

Great size for our clinic restroom mirrors. The background of the label blends with the mirror causing the graphics to stand out well.